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What is the best way to reduce cholesterol? Many people turn to prescription drugs, but find that the side effects are worse than the consequences of high cholesterol. You can reduce cholesterol naturally when you adopt a healthy lifestyle which includes a low cholesterol diet, exercise and the addition of specific vitamins and minerals known to reduce cholesterol.

A reduction in overall cholesterol is achieved when not only total cholesterol is lowered, but LDL cholesterol specifically is reduced while HDL cholesterol is raised. This combination makes a positive impact on total cholesterol and can prevent the serious and even deadly heart diseases that can result from failure to reduce cholesterol.

Read the following articles to Reduce Cholesterol:

Cholesterol Lowering Foods Just As Effective as Statins to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally
A study conducted at the University of Toronto under the direction of Professor David Jenkins found that combining the best cholesterol lowering foods can reduce cholesterol naturally and just as effectively as statin drugs.

Three-Drug Combo Raises HDL, Reduces Cholesterol
A non-statin drug therapy has been tested to see if it can effectively raise High Density Lipoprotein (HDL)...

Statin Users Reduce Cholesterol Further with Plant Sterols
Foods containing plant sterols can significantly reduce cholesterol either by themselves or in conjunction with statin drugs such as Lipitor and Zocor.

Women Can Lower Risk of Heart Disease When They Reduce Cholesterol
Reduce cholesterol and, as a woman, you will lower one of your top risk factors for developing heart disease.

Advicor Uses Combination of Drugs to Reduce Cholesterol
Sometimes niacin therapy or statin drugs alone don’t work well to reduce cholesterol.

To Reduce Cholesterol Avoid Low Carb Fad Diets
In search of quick, seemingly easy weight loss many people have in the last decade turned to the latest craze of low carb dieting.

Fasting Helps Pinpoint Need to Reduce Cholesterol
Fasting, or consuming no calories, is important in cholesterol testing to be sure that the numbers are accurate.

Early Monitoring Vital to Reduce Cholesterol for Life
There are several reasons why early monitoring sets people up for a life time of healthy cholesterol levels.

Dietary Cholesterol -- How Much is Okay if You Need to Reduce Cholesterol?
There are two main sources of cholesterol that can contribute to the need to reduce cholesterol. One is the body itself. The liver is responsible for producing the right amount of cholesterol for normal cell function.

Niaspan Used to Reduce Cholesterol by Focusing on Triglycerides
Niaspan is an extended release oral form of niacin and is used to reduce cholesterol by lowering the blood lipids known as triglycerides.

Noni Juice, Potassium, and Reducing Cholesterol
One of the latest trends in natural supplements, including being used to reduce cholesterol has been given the name Noni juice.

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